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The Golden Mile was created with the goal of providing a comprehensive 24-hour healthcare facility while instilling fresh hope and giving senior citizens a sense of purpose in life. We now have new luxury houses for the elderly that are well suited to their age and is not temporary care or a medical facility. The Golden Mile is flexible enough to respond to changes in their needs as they become older. That's why it's an investment for life.

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APARTMENTSMore than just four walls

The apartments at Golden Mile are completely furnished and equipped, including soft furnishings, and are ready to move in! The Golden Mile has two home options for seniors to choose from, 1BHK and 2BHK.

Fully furnished with beds, side tables, and more.
Electric appliances including smart tv, ac, geyser, and more.
LRV painting and memory-friendly colour coding.
Intercom, panic alarms cordless telephone

Recreational FacilitiesMore than just staying

We at The Golden Mile go to great lengths to ensure that our residents enjoy their time here. Seniors will have plenty of opportunities to make every day exciting, from the Wellness Centre, Geriatric Gymnasium, and Nature-Walk Trail to the Library, Home Theatre, and Activity Centre (Snooker, Table Tennis, Card Board Room, and so on).

Physiotherapy room and Wellness centre
Private theatre and auditorium
Salon hairdresser
Temperature-controlled Swimming pool

MEAL SERVICESMore than just eating

Everyone, especially seniors with several dietary limitations, benefits from good eating habits. A nutritionist will be on duty at The Golden Mile, who will be able to advise on the finest diet regimens. Individual preferences will be taken into account while preparing the meals.

Bed Tea & Breakfast
Fruit Platter
Evening snack & Tea/Coffee

WELLNESS SERVICESMore than just health

Seniors demand special attention so that they are not only happy but also healthy. A variety of medical treatments will be available on the Golden Mile. All residents will have access to an emergency nurse-call system that will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Art & Music Therapy
General Medical Checkup
Lifestyle disease management
On-sight Ambulance

COMMUNITES ACTIVITESMore than just neighbours

Seniors can participate in a variety of activities at The Golden Miles. They can attend film and game screenings, participate in seminars, pursue a hobby like gardening, handloom weaving, or stitching, and collaborate with non-governmental organisations to make a difference in society.

Cultural programs
Daily activity program
Festivals and Celebrations
Volunteering Opportunities

ESSENSTIAL ADD-ONSMore than just good life

The app is designed for residents' children and family members to keep them up to date on their daily activities, such as the day's activities, photo updates, any health concerns, the medicines supplied, and so on. While people may unwind in a cocoon of comfort, all pertinent information will be at the fingertips of their loved ones.

Guest Suites
Outdoor medical assistance
Travel assistance

OUR MISSIONEmbrace the goodness of life at The Golden Mile

Close proximity to the city, so that the residents can keep in touch with their present set of friends, and relatives and keep updated with their social meets and luxurious lifestyles

To help seniors overcome isolation and loneliness

To give them the freedom and independence to live their life in their own way

To provide a secured and serene environment without the daily hassles

To create services to assist the senior citizens, which specifically cater to the physical,mental, and spiritual needs of the residents

To design a retirement home that becomes friendly spaces and engagement zones for seniors to live in

To provide an active and healthy lifestyle to the seniors

To facilitate social interaction and harmonious companionship between the residents

To improve their lives with a safe and rewarding lifestyle in a residence they are proud to call home

PROJECT WALLKTHROUGH Luxury and Innovation

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Saltee Group is recognised amongst Asia’s 100 greatest brands in real estate category.

It boasts of an impressive portfolio of residential, commercial and hospitality projects; built over thirty years of operation revolving around the philosophy of making a difference in the society.

We specialize in the operation and management of Senior Living Communities under SterlingCareTM brand of:

SterlingCareTM has been tailored to address the varied needs of Seniors by the fusion of India’s vast, rich and diverse cultural customs and heritage with the best of breed and five star quality senior care service from across the world. Signature understands and recognizes the different Indian geographical diversities and has incorporated these valuable traditions in its regionally customized Senior Care offerings with SterlingCareTM.

To Whom It May Concern,

This is to recognise Saltee Group as the Official Senior Living Partner of Health Committee of The Bengal Chamber of Commerce, initiative, Annual Conclave on Royal Ageing 2018.The conclave was held on 12th May 2018 Oberoi Grand Kolkata. The objective of the conclave was to build awareness on the urgent need of developing Elderly Care, Assisted Living in the Eastern Region.

We thank Saltee Group to be our official Senior Living Partner and also look forward to have the support of Saltee Group in promoting our cause.

With kind regards,Yours sincerely,

Dr. Amit Ghose Chairperson Emeritus – Health Committee The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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Approved vide letter dated 15/10/2019


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Golden Miles: A Doorway To Serenity

Golden Mile: A Doorway To Serenity

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A senior living community for people over the age of 50. This is a project for a retirement community. To buy an apartment, schedule an appointment.

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    The Golden Mile is developed by Saltee Group which is recognized among Asia’s 100 greatest brands in the real estate category. It boasts an impressive portfolio of residential, commercial, and hospitality projects; built over thirty years of operation revolving around the philosophy of making a difference in society.